Kuroko no Basuke;; Pairing Playlist

1. 夢番地 — Radwimps (Kise/Kuroko)
2. 波 — NICO Touches the Walls (Kise/Kuroko)
3. オレンジ — GReeeeN (Midorima/Takao)
4. My Dearest — Supercell (Midorima/Takao)
5. 夏のかけら — Aqua Timez (Aomine/Kuroko)
6. Loveless — Yamashita Tomohisa (Aomine/Kuroko)
7. 桜流し — Utada Hikaru (Aomine/Kise)
8. All Alone With You — EGOIST (Aomine/Kise)


Artwork By: Kain | 27281380


Aw such adorable


Find the difference.

Artist: Pixiv ID 3423934

KiKuro Chapter 210 for Camicchi
First meeting of Kuroko and Kise 

“Kagami-kun, thanks for today.”
“Huh? What’s wrong with you?”
“I don’t know. While we were eating, it just came to my mind that I really am glad to know you.” [Kuroko no Basuke - Ch. 140]

If you forget it again, treatment would not be as easy as the last time. 

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“god? i don’t care about that. i’ve made my own oaths. to myself, that i would destroy the akuma. to my friends, that i would fight alongside them. to this world, that i would save it. to my father, that i would keep walking until i died. this is the only path i can take so i can feel alive.”



Title: Uso Janai (I’m Not Lying) 
Fandom: Kuroko no Basuke (Kuroko’s Basketball)
Pairing: Kagami Taiga x Kuroko Tetsuya
Circle: VENOM
Rating: R18
Language: English
Scans: ansibs
Notes: Honestly I have no idea if this has already been translated… But it was like 1am when I read it and I had a craving for KagaKuro so why not. If it has already been translated, apologies to those people who did it, because yours is probably better than mine (I’ll take it down if need be). If not please enjoy.


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